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Ariana R. Levinson, Lawyering Skills, Principles and Methods Offer Insight As to Best Practices for Arbitration 1
William B.L. Little, Fairness Is in the Eyes of the Beholder 73
George A. Nation III, Respondeat Manufacturer: Imposing Vicarious Liability on Manufacturers of Criminal Products 155
Amanda Peters, Thirty-One Years in the Making: Why the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals’ New Single-Method Approach to Lesser-Included Offense Analysis Is a Step in the Right Direction 231
Notes & Comments
Jas Brar, Friend or Foe?: Responsible Third Parties and Leading Questions 261
Brianne Ogilvie, Is Life Unfair?: What’s Next for Juveniles after Roper v. Simmons 293
Lindsey Sherp, To Strike Or Dismiss, That Is the Question: How Courts Should Dispose of Bankruptcy Cases Filed By Debtors Who Failed to Obtain Credit Counseling 317