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R. Jack Ayers, Jr., Judicial Nullification of the Right to Trial by Jury by “Evolving” Standings of Appellate Review 337
Susana Elena Canseco, Landowners’ Rights in Texas Groundwater: How and Why Texas Courts Should Determine Landowners Do Not Own Groundwater in Place 491
Nora O’Callaghan, Dying for Due Process: The Unconstitutional Medical Futility Provision of the Texas Advance Directives Act 527
Donald R. Philbin, Jr., Audrey Lynn Maness, Litigating Arbitration: A 2007 Texas Arbitration Review 613
Notes & Comments
Matt Acosta, A Vanishing Remedy: Questioning the Constitutionality of the Current State of Sale of Assets, Post-Dissolution Tort Liability in Texas 655
Tray Gober, Red Rover, Red Rover — Bringing to Light the Lack of Standards for Texas Courts to Use When Deciding Whether a Stay of Extradition Order Should Be Granted 691
J.P. Neyland, A Man’s Car Is His Castle: The Expansion of Texas’ “Castle Doctrine” Eliminating the Duty to Retreat in Areas Outside the Home 719
Jeff Waters, Better to Kill Than to Maim: The Current State of Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Cases in Texas 749