It’s Okay; I’m a Tow Truck Driver: Why the Language of Miles v. State Encourages Private Citizens to Engage in Vigilantism

About 2:00 A.M. on a cool March morning, a limousine carrying two NFL players was waiting for a light to change in the high-rent neighborhood of Uptown Houston. Suddenly, a Corvette slammed into the car behind the limo, ran up on the curb, and crashed into the rear of the limo. The drivers of the limo and the Corvette (Miles) got out of their vehicles to exchange information, but Miles was unable to locate his insurance paperwork. The limo driver asked him to wait at the scene for the police. In addition to the paperwork snafu, the limo driver suspected Miles had been drinking. While they were waiting for the police, several tow trucks had responded to the accident. Apparently tired of waiting, Miles got into his Corvette and raced off down Westheimer Road, tearing off the limo’s back bumper and running a red light.